Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What are YOU doing?

What I am doing:

Listing items from my closet at swapmamas, Mommy Pie's awesome idea to recycle items with other moms.

Taking care of Carter and Hayden who are home sick again.

Catching up with the bloggers, trying to comment, laughing and crying at all the stories I have missed.

Wishing we had lots of money to remodel our kitchen. I have a new idea to remove the wall between the kitchen and the (seldom used) living room to make the kitchen bigger and have a small sitting area.

Talking with my sister on the phone, deciding who is going to call dad to check in since we haven't heard from him since Saturday.

Searching facebook for more friends. I need more friends.

Smiling because my over-priced, over-sized, gas guzzling, boy mover is PAID OFF and the car repairs were minimal.

Wondering about our appointment at H+R Block this Saturday. Will it be a good refund? Will we owe? Is this really the way we want to spend Valentine's Day?

What I should be doing:

Laying out the yearbook for the elementary school.

Calling people that ordered from the Little Ceasar's Pizza Fundraiser to remind them to pick up their pizza kits on Thursday.

Making the word games for the Valentine's Day party in the 5th grade classroom this Friday.

Finishing my jeans/denim blanket I made with the boys jeans.

Cleaning the house.

Finishing other sewing projects while my sewing machine is upstairs.

I hope I get something accomplished today. And what are you doing today?


Danielle (Life with the Hewitt Family) said...

Your day sounds fun, minus the sick little boys! I hope they are feeling better soon!

I just found out that my sister is getting a new apartment, so I am thinking in my head all the ways to help her get organized...she lacks quite a bit in that area...I should be working though!

Carol said...

Sick again? Wow you guys aren't having the best luck.

Fingers crossed you'll all be healthy soon.

Hillary Dickman said...

I'll come over with my sledge hammer and help you get some work done. We'll have that wall out in no time. Who needs a renovation budget??

Elaine A. said...

Saying a quick prayer that you get a big refund to remodel the kitchen! ; )

Sorry your boys are sick. :(

You are pretty busy... I see my future somewhat in this post...