Sunday, January 18, 2009

It takes a village...or a cul-de-sac

We have the best neighbors ever. (And friends too! But this is just about the neighbors)

No, seriously we do.

The house next to us has changed owners 5 times in the 10 years we have lived here. We try not to take it personally.

A few owners ago, when we found out they were selling, I told Ben, "Yes, it's sad, but I think we can do better." (If you are reading Connie, NOT YOU GUYS)

Ben "Do better? These guys are great."
Me "They are a pair of fives. They are good but we can get better."

And we got better. And other houses have turned over and we have gotten better neighbors there too.

We have a cul-de-sac of full houses and a few straight flushes.

In the summer the kids play together all day. The parents enjoy adult beverages and conversation on various front porches. The cul-de-sac is filled with sidewalk chalk art, until the next rain storm. We have even talked about getting a projector to show movies on the garage door.

We get together for Happy Hour Fridays, no invitation neccessary, just come over, the porch is always open. We get together for holidays. We get together to play cards. We get together just to get together.

When Carter "went missing" this week. One neighbor took off one way in her car AND the other neighbor took Hayden, BEFORE I COULD EVEN ASK!

There are fantastic teenage babysitters RIGHT NEXT DOOR.

We have a neighborhood watch, sort of.

Have to run a quick errand? One of the neighbors would be happy to keep the kids.

Running late and can't meet the bus? One of the neighbors will pick the kids up for you.

It's your anniversary and you are low on cash to pay a sitter? No worries, the neighbors VOLUNTEERED to watch the kids so you could go out.

Besides being REALLY lucky in the neighbor department, I think our street ROCKS because of the cul-de-sac and the front porches. The kids play out front, you get to know your neighbors. You can sit and visit on the porch while they play.

Do you know your neighbors? Do you have a front porch? Any thoughts?

I have had a lot of visitors to the blog lately and very few comments. I am starting to get a complex. Please comment. I am starving for attention.

I love our porch!


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Susi said...

Yes, you are very lucky to have such a neighborhood. And it's great that the kids have playfolks right nearby, too!!! :)

Anonymous said...

love the blog, but not a big commenter..but you've bullied me into it! :) we've just moved to our new house. no front porch, but the friedliest neighbors i've ever encountered!

Erin said...

I read your blog often, but don't think I've ever left a, all I can say about this is---It seems as though you're living in a television show. How fun would that be?! I personally don't have neighbors like that. I might get the occasional quasi-wave, but that's on a good day... :(

*Lissa* said...

I wish I had a neighborhood like that! Sounds so cozy!

Maggie said...

That's great!! We are in a new subdivision, and only have two houses near us that are currently lived in (hooray for the economy!), but the two we have are AWESOME!! We invite them over for all our family get togethers and they do the same.

Weber said...

Hey there! We live in a cul-de-sac and we have the only playset in the neighborhood plus we have acres and acres of woods behind us. We are the neighborhood hang-out and yes, I sit out and watch all the boys run wild. None the other adults in our neighborhood ever seem to step outside though. :(

KD @ A Bit Squirrelly said...

So we are putting in an offer on a house on a cul-de-sac today. Now I am even more excited!

Tammy said...

ok third try! what I keep trying to say is that is exactly what we thought when we were visiting in Oct & said so then - you all have such a great network/support group out there between (your family too) your neighbors, your friends, your church....phenomenal & very very blessed to have it! We've been on our cul de sac 6 yrs & only know our neighbors to say hi!! Not many kids there tho....

Alaskaninthesouth said...

Oh how I dream of having a neighborhood like that...but alas, I have one crazy neighbor, two that have moved with due to foreclosure and one that is just old and grumpy! Sounds like a great place to live!

tiger said...