Monday, December 8, 2008

Go Fa, La, La yourself

You know how some days life just smiles on you?

Every stoplight turns green as you approach.

The kids are little angels and you wonder why you didn't have more.

Today, is NOT one of those days.

1. Hayden decided to use his older brother's scissors to cut his new shirt. Not one of the hand me downs, oh no, a shirt I bought just for him.

Remembering the Love and Logic lesson, remove the child, remove the adult, or remove the offending object, I removed the child to his room.

And then, the offending child, who must have had the offending object in his room, decided to use the offending object again to cut his hair.

2. The awesome Christmas cards I spent hours perfecting online and submitted to photo labs was LOST! Not just lost, but lost AFTER they charged my credit card! So now, I have spent HOURS on the phone trying to either FIND the order or CREDIT my card or REDO the darn order. Unfortunately no one at Sam's Club wants to take responsibility and help me.

3. One of the very important gifts I ordered from Kohl's was shipped to Charlotte, NC. We live in Colorado. If you live in Charlotte and received our gift, please enjoy it, Merry Christmas. Hopefully our replacement will arrive by Christmas, but we can't be sure.

4. I have not heard back from my good friend at the Today Show with confirmation that my video will indeed be used. I have sent her so many emails that I feel like a stalker. I guess I will just have to wait for the East-Coasters to call me tomorrow morning and let me know if I made it on.

And so for now, I am going to pick up Hayden from preschool and make him take a nap. I think we both need one. Hopefully when we get up things will look a little cheerier.


Shasta said...

Oh goodness! I hate days like that and I'm so sorry you're having one. It's just not fair to have that many bad things happen in one day! I hope you can get things worked out.

As for the days when everything is perfect? I would LOVE one of those days!! haha

Kristen said...

I actually gasped when I read that he decided to cut his hair, I was just getting mad at him with you for cutting a new shirt (I feel your pain on that one). I might need to take a love and logic class my first reaction would have been screaming my guts out. Hopefully things will get better after your nap!

Danielle (Life with the Hewitt Family) said...

What a day you are having! I think you do need to take a nap...Maybe by the time you wake up there will be a package on your doorstep from Kohl's and then the phone will ring and it will be Sam's Club...saying that they silly photo people misfiled your beautiful Christmas Cards!

Auds at Barking Mad said...

Woah! That calls for a glass of wine, or three and a long nap with a good book!

Want me to send some chocolate?

Hope your next several days make up for this craptastic one. Oh and BTW, where are the pics of Hayden's haircut? *lol*

McMommy said...

This is one of those days that you want to wave the white flag.
While chugging directly from the wine bottle.

Anonymous said...

I had to go get a beer just so I could finish reading about your day. I'm sorry.

Kila said...

Oh my, what a dreadful day! I hope it got better!