Friday, November 14, 2008

You need to wear a coat

It is snowing outside.

Me: Carter, you need to wear a coat.

Carter: No, I'll be fine.

Me: I can not let you wear a sweatshirt only when it is snowing out. Put on a coat.

Carter: I don't want to wear a coat, I'll look like a nerd.

Me: If you don't wear a coat, you'll get sick.

Carter: I don't want to wear a coat.

Me: Ok, fine. Get a piece of paper and write a note to your teacher that says: I did not wear a coat. I understand I will not be able to go out for recess today. Please send me home with next week's homework as I will probably be home sick.

Carter: Fine, I'll bring a coat, but I won't wear it.


Carter left for school wearing his sweatshirt...and his coat. Hopefully he leaves it on until he gets to school. I can't wait until he is a teenager, GEEZ!

1 comment:

Kristen said...

That is kind of funny, maybe not for you when he does get sick but I laughed.