Thursday, November 6, 2008

Dear boys,

Dear boys,

Maybe it isn't a big deal to you but it is a huge deal for me. Someday it will matter more, or at least it will to your wives. Please let them know that I did other things good; I was at your class parties taking pictures of your friends, I helped plan the parties, I made a nice dinner for our friends and relatives so everyone could have a full belly before going out to trick or treat.

I'm sorry this is the last picture of all three of you together in your Halloween costumes. I really should be better at taking those pictures. You are all so excited to head out and trick or treat, I always forget to line you up for the picture.

Last year I remembered to get Griffin in the Elvis costume with our neighbor Hannah, they were so cute. Do you see any other brothers in the picture, 'fraid not.

I do own a camera, in fact here is a picture form Carter's class party. The only picture of Carter in his costume. Don't feel bad Carter, I can't seem to find any pictures of your brothers in their costumes.

When I realized I did it again this year, I thought I could recreate the event. After all, who would know years from now that the picture was from November 1st and not October 31st. But by then you guys were so hyped up on candy, I couldn't face it.

So next year I will try to be better. I will try to get you all to stand still before trick or treating. And if I don't, you can send me to my room, alone, for along time. After all, I really should be punished for being a bad mommy.


Kristen said...

Not a bad mommy, just a busy mommy! We had a pumpkin and a pirate also if I can't have a princess I can at least have a classic pumpkin!

Elaine A. said...

Another reason that it's good you have boys because they probably won't be as particular about something like this as girls would be! HA!

momto3cubs said...

I'm the opposite and take pictures so often of every little thing that it drives them bonkers!