Monday, November 24, 2008

Christmas Card Photo Shoot

Saturday I baked, Sunday we celebrated our 12th anniversary. Today we purchased TWO car batteries for our TWO cars that both decided to need a new battery AT THE SAME TIME!

And then we took the boys here for a quick photo shoot.

Dear Santa,
I need a new, better camera.

Feel free to vote for your favorite, but don't be upset if we pick one of the others.







And we saw this guy. He looks too surprised, if you ask me. Didn't he know we were coming? Or was he just surprised that the boys had so much to ask for....

I almost forgot! Sunday afternoon I worked on this...

...a quilt (and I use that term loosely as I do not "really" quilt) of old jeans, mostly the boys, a bit of grown up jeans and the darker squares are pieces of my green velvet maternity dress I was lucky enough to wear while carrying each baby. I still need to finish it off, but I am pretty happy so far.


Hillary Dickman said...

They're all cute, but I like numbers 2 and 3 the best. The composition on 3 is great but 2 shows the boys' sweet faces better.

st said...

2, 3, 4 are my favorites....GREAT are so organized!

Anonymous said...

#2 or #4 What sweet little faces they have!!

Elaine A. said...

My favorite is the second one.

And that quilt... is AWESOME!!! What a great idea!

Shasta said...

They all turned out so good and I'm jealous that you somehow got all of your boys to look in the Santa pic, I've yet to do that.

My favorite is #2 btw.

I am Boymom said...

I love #3!!

B Boys Mom said...

What a great idea for a quilt! I liked #2 for the pictures but they are all very nice. What a great place for pictures.

McMommy said...

There is NO way you are actually expecting me to choose, are you? Because your boys are SO STINKIN' HANDSOME!!! All the pics look wonderful to me. Have you ever thought about doing kind of like a collage christmas card..with more than one pic?

Also, LOVE the quilt and the sentimentality of it all!!

Auds at Barking Mad said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the 2nd and 3rd pics! Adorable and great shots of the boys faces in each photo!

Carol said...

I love that you included bits of your maternity dress in the quilt. So sentimental.