Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My Favorite Things Giveaway Revealed

AMY, If you haven't opened the packages yet, hit the back button on your browser.

Do you think she is gone yet?

How about now?

Ok, let's hope so.

Here it is. The items from the My Favorite Things Swap that Wendi organized.

The wrapped picture..

And the reveal!

package 1 (yellow wrap, green tag) I know it's tricking them but how else can I get them to eat the good stuff. Deceptively Delicious cookbook by Jessica Seinfeld

package 2 (green wrap, pick tag) just for fun There's no place like home ~ decorative sign

package 3 (green wrap, purple tag) Inspiring, handy, good to have when the computer isn't working. Inspirational journal with bible verses

package 4 (purple wrap, yellow tag) I have lots of these all over the house. Mine are just a little different for obvious reasons. Sisters picture frame (I have brothers and the boys frames EVERYWHERE!)

package 5 (blue wrap, yellow tag) I use these everyday. I always forget perfume so I figure this covers that. Bath and Body Works Moonlight Path shower gel and lotion

package 6 (green wrap, blue tag in center) Who needs email? The coolest brown paisley note cards I have ever seen

package 7 (green wrap, blue tag top right) And people wonder why my house smells so good even though I have 3 boys. Now you know. Wallflowers room scent from Bath and Body Works

package 8 (blue wrap, light pink tag) I love, love, love these. To me there is nothing better until I found... Big SOFT slipper socks

package 9 (blue wrap, dark pink tag) ...these! My new favorite. Since you also have hardwood, I thought you would like them too. Big SOFT slipper socks with non slip dots!

Congratulations to Beth at Sportsmomma for submitting the most correct guesses! A package of a few of my favorite things will be on it's way to you! She is also living in a testosterone zone, I have several ideas for her package already.

Thanks to everyone for submitting their guesses.


Wendi said...

What fabulous favorite things!
Is it too late to be YOUR swap partner?
I love that you posted about this and held a contest.
What a clever girl you are.
I will get Mr. Linky up this week so that everyone will be able to link their posts and show off what they gave as well as received.
Thanks again for participating.
It has been too much fun!

Beth@Sportsmomma said...

Sent you an e-mail! I'm so excited! Thanks for giving such great clues!!!

Jodi said...

Oh-oh-oh! I am so excited I somehow found your blog! I am the mom of FIVE (yes five! 1-2-3-4-5!) boys! Your blog is so fun to read because I can so relate...although mine are older than yours.

Stop by sometime!!!

Testosterone rocks!

B Boys Mom said...

What great things. Fun idea.

Beth@Sportsmomma said...

Whoo Hoo! I received my box of goodies. Can I just tell you I LOVE LOVE LOVE the slipper socks- they are the most comfortable socks ev-ah!!!!!!

Thanks a million for the great gifts! You are awesome!