Thursday, September 4, 2008

Dear eToys CEO,

Dear eToys CEO,

I can't thank you enough for the mailed correspondence I received this past weekend. The boys have certainly enjoyed (read ~ fought over) reading it and pointing out the many, many, many fun and exciting things they would like to acquire.

Yes, the HOLIDAY TOY CATALOG has made quite an impact on my household. You do realize it is only early September, right?

I can barely go 2 minutes without one of them running up to me and pointing out yet another high flying, fast driving, overpriced licenced character, completely unrealistic item they would like me to buy for them. Thank you for giving my children the urge to chat with me more often. I have explained to them that while I would love to get them every little (and huge) thing they ask for, they will have to wait and talk to Santa about it.

Since I am constantly interrupted with bickering over whose turns it is to look through the catalog, no, please don't send additional copies, and the incessant need for me to look at everything they will ask Santa for, I came up with a plan.

You can ask Santa for one thing. WHAT? Yes, just one thing.

My four year old has found a loop hole. "It looks like this Handy Manny tool cart goes with the truck, can I ask for two things?" And then two minutes later..."I was just kidding mom, I want this instead." And then two minutes later, "I was just kidding again, I want this now."

Sir, I can't go through this for the next 111 days until December 24th. At a rate of one request per two minutes, I will have 79920 requests PER CHILD for the next 3 months and twenty days.

Why are you doing this to me? I have always been a good customer. I shop on Black Friday. I shop after Christmas sales. I know everyone sends out catalogs early. But really, if everyone jumped off a bridge would you do it too?

Tell you what, ask your mail room person to be on the look out for a little gift I am sending to you. You want a hint? It is a handy item used to keep track of time. No, not a watch, a calendar. That way you can see it is way too early to be sending your holiday catalog.

While you are waiting for that too arrive, I will leave you with an image I see all too often around here. I hope you enjoy it. Please notice my son is wearing shorts, yet another hint that it may be too early to mail out that Holiday issue.


Crazed Christmas Momma


stock market advice said...
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Danielle (Life with the Hewitt Family) said...

Already???? Carter has already started talking about what he would like to ask Santa for...and to make it even worse he just had his birthday in July and got a ton of new toys. The kid really does not need any more toys! I think it will be a LONG holiday season.

anti-supermom said...

I know, it's September and I'm not, NOT ready to think about Christmas - so people (like you are eToys) get off our backs.

(My boy would have cut out his favorites and glued them on paper already).

Happy POW

4funboys said...


I'm so far behind- I still have
4th of July ribbon on some of my candles... I can't start thinking that far ahead.

Ilina said...

When I showed this picture to my son he thought it was him. He LOVES toy catalogs! He has been dragging around a catalog for days now. It is tattered and torn. He and his older brother fight over the catalog and the toys in it. That damn catalog went into time out last night. I'm bracing myself for what's to come in the mail this season.

I just added your RSS feed and put you on my blog roll. Glad I found you!

Elaine A. said...

That letter was SO much nicer than what I would've said! HA!

This happens here too. Did you happen to see my post a few weeks ago about the Target catalog we got in the mail? At leat that one came with a coupon!

Dana said...

I knew it was starting when I saw the Penney's Christmas catalog for some of my customers. I so remember looking at that catalog, but I never remember looking at before Halloween. I don't get it. In the 10 years I've been at my job it has just gotten earlier and earlier. I actually delivered a package to a lady back in June and she said it was Christmas presents.....crazy!

mommypie said...

My MP LUVS that catalog. She insists on reading it on the potty. And in bed. And in the car.

I'm so not kidding.

B Boys Mom said...

What a true post! Just the other day I was in the car and passed a store that had a Christmas tree and other Christmas items in there window. I can not start thinking Christmas way to soon.