Saturday, August 2, 2008

Missing CHILD!!


10 year old boy that hates whole wheat flour, whole wheat pasta, whole grain cereal. Anything with the words "wheat," "grain," or "healthy" in the name.

The missing child has been replaced with a boy, remarkably similar in appearance, who just shouted, "Oh yeah, are you making cookies with whole wheat flour? I love whole wheat cookies, they are so good."

If you find our missing child, please keep him. We are so glad to get this one in his place.

And you can break the news that the pasta he has loved for years "sun dried tomato" is really WHOLE WHEAT PASTA! Our new son is sure to love the irony of that now.


Karen said...

I'd Like one of those too please.. ok maybe three and one grown up one too!!

Mamasphere said...

My daughter has never known a difference, but my husband sure complains a lot about my whole wheat usage! I'd keep the new boy, too, lol.

Carol said...

Hilarious. I hope my ultra picky eater leaves home soon to be replaced with a child that will eat more than cheese and bread!

I am Boymom said...

OH MY GOSH!!! I am so glad to know someone else is going through this torture!! My little guy is the pickiest kid i have ever met! he would live off of tomatoes and Ramen noodles if I let him.

McMommy said...

You CRACK ME UP!! I love your writing. Always so entertaining!!

B Boys Mom said...

Last week my 9 year old was replaced by a kid that hates mushroom's. He has ate muschroom's every week for years now they are gross! Okay Dokey!