Friday, August 15, 2008

Friday's Flashback Foto

I was warned that if I didn't post this, I would be boycotted. So, here it is: Our 2006 Christmas Card Photo

It reads, "We hope Santa picks you a winner this year."

And yes, we sent the photo to everyone on the Christmas card list; from Great Grandma to the pediatrician. Most loved it, a few hated it, many are still talking about how it was the best card they ever recieved. The pediatrican hung it at eye level right next to the check out desk, they loved it.

As an added bonus, here are some excerpts Christmas letter from the same year:

Dear Family and Friends, Christmas 2006

After eight years of coordinating outfits and crazy photo sessions, I’ve decided this year’s photo card and letter would be a look at our reality. Yes, life with three boys is all about bugs, Emergency Room trips, food, sports, dirt and of course, bodily functions. Apparently the passing of gas is hysterical for the passer and the pass receiver. It is especially hilarious when the pass is released under the bed sheet or in the bath tub. To switch things up, sometimes they drink as fast as they can just to pass it orally.

At the time of this printing we have had only two emergency room visits this year. One was for Griffin when he evidently tried to fly off Carter’s loft bed and ended up bleeding from his eyebrow. I told him Chicks dig scars and being a ladies man, that made him feel better. The other was for Ben, the fourth boy, when he cut his finger open during our last day of a two week camping trip.

For those of you without boys you may not know that they must be feed every hour. Carter’s new snack is a triple decker peanut butter and jelly sandwich. In an average week we usually go through 2 loaves of white bread, 5 gallons of milk, a BIG jar of peanut butter, 18 eggs and 2 boxes of granola bars. A bag of cookies lasts about 45 minutes, but that may be normal for most. Luckily Ben is still working for Shamrock Foods. By the time the boys are teenagers we may have to get the Shamrock truck to deliver our groceries.

Carter is just less than a foot shorter than I am and is looking forward to passing me up. Contrary to popular belief, Griffin was not recommended to receive Ritalin upon entering Kindergarten. At least not yet! Hayden loves Blues Clues and walks around with his notebook looking for pawprints. He also watches the DoodleBops and plays a mean air guitar.

I recently had to explain in very general terms that although it may be fun to hit each other with various objects in the crotch, by doing so you greatly reduce my chances of having grandchildren someday. You may be reading this thinking we have no control over these little gentlemen, but we do have rules. 1. You must have a shirt on to eat dinner. 2. You must lift the seat (and put it down) and constantly be aware of your aim. And most importantly, 3. Brothers stick together.

Boys get dirty but they love their baths. Boys are active but eventually they fall asleep. Boys are loud but I have Tylenol. This isn’t exactly how we planned our life, but we wouldn’t change a thing. We hope your lives are as fun and full of excitement as ours. We wish you Happy Holidays from the Testosterone Zone.


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blessedwith5 said...

I can soooo relate! You forgot to add - boys are so gross! Speaking from experience of 4 boys under age 6!!!

Love the card!

Mamasphere said...

That is the best Christams letter ever! My Aunt, who has three boys in college, wrote a similar one last year, and shocked the more reserved members of our family. But I loved it. I'd rather read real any day!

Carol said...

Hilarious Christmas card and letter. It totally made me excited to see them when they're bigger sticking together.

Oh and the hitting in the crotch starts so early. My two year old already thinks that is a hoot!

McMommy said...

Seriously, you are HILARIOUS!!!!!! I love you. I DO!

The Joys of having Boys said...

yeah, that pretty much sums up a life with boys :)

B Boys Mom said...

Every word it sooooo very true. How is your grocery bill now! I know I get 8 gallons of milk a week! I so love the picture!

The Mrs. said...

you have inspired me to do a different sort of christmas card this year.

my husband and two boys thank you... i was going to order snowflake sweaters for them all.