Monday, June 16, 2008

Warning: Crazy when pregnant

When I was pregnant, many people would just look at me and smile, they wouldn't respond to my often crazy observations. Baby naming was a huge issue, the initials couldn't spell anything, our last name starts with an A so there were many possibilities. Think of all the monogramming with the last name initial in the middle. For instance, Hayden's middle name couldn't have been George, think about it...HAG, yuck. This weird obsession came from my mother. My middle name was ALMOST Susan, I was born Woodstock weekend, my initials would have been LSD. Not so great. My Dad, poor guy, doesn't have a middle name, his initials VD, really Grandma, what were you thinking? I was also obsessed with the names not rhyming with anything traumatic for the playground (sorry Carter we didn't think of this before you were born), but that is a story for another post.

The pregnancy obsession that kicked my butt this weekend was the "Hayden shouldn't have to share his birthday" issue. I calculated that the latest day to give birth to Hayden and not have his birthday ever fall on Father's Day, June 14th. So on Saturday we celebrated Hayden's birthday. And then we all got together again yesterday to celebrate Father's Day.

We are all exhausted but had a fun weekend. Next time, maybe we can have one party but separate cakes!

Happy Birthday Hayden!

The big boys slept in the backyard for the first time. I got hardly any sleep worrying about them.

Poor daddy had to work on Father's Day. We had lots of fun after the 5pm order entry cutoff.


4 Little Men & Twins said...

you're so funny.... picking names are hard. It's even harder when you have to pick 2 at the same time. :)


Lisa said...

Happy birthday Hayden!!!
It's funny--I always think of initials too when choosing names :)

B Boys Mom said...

I did a lot of thinking for my kid's names too! After all it our first gift to give them. Hayden looks very happy that it's his birthday.