Saturday, June 28, 2008

It's a good thing he's cute

Griffin helped himself to chocolate milk this morning. He accidently spilled the sugary chocolate and a lot of it got behind the fridge.

Back story on fridge...It is huge, when we got it we had to remove the cabinet above and trim down the one on the side to get it to fit. It is a HUGE pain to move. Last year (almost exactly one year ago) we noticed a leak from the water / ice maker line. We had the leak fixed, the basement carpet professionally dried (it leaked through the floor to the guest room), the wood floors were dried then sanded and refinished. When the restoration guys came to move all of our belongings back into the house (the whole main level is wood floor and the had to refinish the entire area) they attached the water line and it began leaking again. The wood floor guys had nicked the line with the sander. The guys that finished the basement covered the shut off switch in the wall.

So what this means is we have 1/2 inch of plastic water line to fix. And no way to get more line without ripping up the basement walls.

Fast forward to today. We move the fridge to clean up the chocolate sugar mess. When pushing the fridge back, it nicked the water line again. We hurry to turn off the water to the house, Ben goes to Home Depot for the new fitting, the darn thing is still leaking. Our neighbor Mike comes over to help, it still leaks. We are just about to tear into the basement wall to find the shut off valve when Mike comes up with another idea. It works. No more leak!

We dodged the bullet on this one, but next time the darn thing leaks, the basement walls will be torn up.

4 hours without water. Then the water was back on for an hour and the entire neighborhood lost power...for 3 hours!!

space on left side of fridge

space on right side of fridge

8 inches of space behind fridge. We can't push it back any further or it will run over the water line AGAIN!


4funboys said...


what a pain!

at least you got a fun picture out of the deal! yeaH?

B Boys Mom said...

Wow what a mess.

Patrice said...

I laugh because it is funny and oh so true! Not much fun when one thing goes wrong it all goes wrong! I bumped into your blog and really have enjoyed!