Thursday, May 22, 2008

What type of mother are you anyway?

Crazy Mom with 4 boys had this great quiz on her blog this morning. Take the quiz here:What mothering type are you? Leave me a comment with your mothering style or put a link on your blog.

When I told Ben about the quiz, his answer was "um, control freak?" So, ok sort of, but here is the way Motherstyles put it.

Your type is: estj —The “How-To” Mother
“We’re the mothers you like to carpool with. Not only are we on time, we organize the driving schedule for everyone.”

Organized and comfortable being in charge, the ESTJ mother knows “how to” get things done, make things happen, and accomplish much on behalf of her children. Whether she is encouraging them to get involved in organized activities or talking with them about their personal concerns, children of the ESTJ mother learn “how to” succeed in life.

Upbeat and matter-of-fact, the ESTJ mother is intent on her children having the best. She puts her skills and talents to work to this end, from planning trips that supplement their studies to raising funds for new playground equipment. She is happiest when her efforts produce concrete results — children who try out for teams, participate in academic competitions, or are leaders among their peers.

The ESTJ mother runs a tight household. She is apt to have predictable expectations, consistent routines, standard procedures, and well-defined boundaries, all of which help her children feel protected and secure.

Oh, by the way, Wilson Christian Preschool will need new playground equipment in the next few years and I am already thinking up fundraisers to organize. My sister has threatened to drop off her infant so I can put him on a schedule. I am currently investigating "fun and educational" stops for our trip to Moab. Scary huh.


Hillary Dickman said...

What a great mom you are. I'm sure when I take the test I'll be the "lazy mom who would rather comment on her friends' blogs than read to her kids." Ouch.

Maybe Wilson (and Foothills, too) should sell scrip for fundraisers. I know you can get it for both Safeway and King Soopers and a bunch of other stores around town. CSCS does it for a fundraiser, too. Here's a link to one scrip organization:

It's the only fundraiser my schools did. We ran it continuously and made a buttload of money.

McMommy said...

I need you in my life!! Put me on a routine, please!!

This was a hilarious post. I'm going to take the quiz now....will let you know what happens....

The Roaming Southerner said...

I thought of this after your comment:

Do you think that people would want to do it regularly?

CaraDee said...

Your layout is great, where'd you find it? I'm having trouble finding anything fun and cute.

3boys247 said...

Thanks! I found it at

Have fun!

Lisa said...

I love your blog--the quote of the week is so cute :)
I'm going to take that quiz but I am not sure I want to share results (I'm worried I'd be the mom NO ONE wants to car pool with).

Thanks for visiting my bog!

The Joys of having Boys said...

This is me:

ISTJ - The “Responsibility” Mother
(Introverted, Sensing, Thinking, Judging)

“I have a serious love affair with to-do lists. I could sit for hours reading, organizing, and rearranging my weekly calendar.”

* The ISTJ mother has a highly developed sense of responsibility: for work, home, family ... particularly her children. Whether she’s overseeing daily baths or insisting on a 10 p.m. curfew, her efforts are largely focused on providing her children with order and routine. She wants them, regardless of age, to be able to count on her and the structure she provides.
* In carrying out her commitment to her responsibilities, the ISTJ mother is organized, industrious, and detail-oriented. Because her focus is the day-to-day realities of life, her children are likely to feel secure and well provided for.
* The ISTJ mother also sets a good example and provides her children with practical guidance on being a productive, responsible individual. Still, with all her seriousness, she may delight family members with her quick wit and observations about the details of life.

Hillary Dickman said...

I just took the quiz and I think it's pretty accurate. I'm going to go blog about it...