Monday, April 7, 2008

Monday morning

The weather, a balmy 31 degrees

Road conditions, dry

There hasn't been rain or snow since the brief storm we had on Thursday.

Why then, you ask, do we have a two hour delay? Someone (read...high school students) let air out of the front tires of 90% of the school district's fleet at the transportation office. How many buses could that be? 120 buses servicing five high schools, five middle schools, and eighteen elementary schools.

In addition to the two hour delay, there will not be morning bus service available. Remember that fun 4th grade school Carter attends? 16 miles away. Griffin's school 1 mile from our house. They both start at 10:25 today. This will be one crazy Monday.

Cute prank kids, I hope someone gets suspended.


4funboys said...

If I flash forward a few years... I'm thinking ... "Would that be something one of my kid's would do as a prank?."

Not that I would KILL HIM myself...

but-- for future reference... when my kids do dumb things- they get it from their father!

(who I bet thought it was just "a little funny")

Karen said...

Sorry, I thought it was a "little" funny...Maybe funny isn't the word... creative would be better!

LOVE the new blog look! Isn't it a great site!

3boys247 said...
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3boys247 said...

I think the bus incident would have funnier if it happened to someone elses school district or if I didn't have to rearrange my planned meeting that morning. Although my friend Hillary had her only day off (another SAHM) that morning and she wasn't laughing. Maybe it will be funnier in a few weeks. : )

21,000 students were affected, yikes thats a lot.

CC said...

pfffffffff! sorry, that was me trying not to laugh.