Monday, April 14, 2008

Back to School Shopping

Yes, you read that right....

I always L O V E D back to school shopping, so imagine my surprise when my children complained about HAVING to go. They are boys so that explains it. Now I dread having to take them. Imagine last year...three boys in the Kohls boys changing room, me trying to adjust the waistband on my extra slim kids pants and help my (just turned) 3 year old try stuff on from outside the dressing room... AAHHH. I cringe just thinking of that bad, bad day.

I had to hit the mall on Friday. I was trying hard to avoid the boys section of Macy's, but I was drawn in by the "additional 30% off" signs that were topped by "extra 20% off when you use your Macy's card" sign. I should have looked in the mirror and saw SUCKER printed right across my forehead. I started in the big boys section and started loading up. The sales clerk came to relieve me of my pile several times. An hour later, I was done back to school shopping.

I did find remarkable deals that I will store in their closets until August 14th when they head back to school. Then in September, when it starts getting chillier, I can torture them with a trip to the store for jeans.

Total 21 shirts (mostly long sleeve)6 for Carter, 6 for Griffin and 9 for Hayden
1 pair pants for Hayden
1 NICE jacket for Carter
1 pair PJs for Hayden
1 cute outfit for Alexander

Grand TOTAL : 116.00 plus tax!


4funboys said...

wow! You did VERY good!

The misconception is that with all boys you can just pass down the clothes... Not always.

My boys are hard on their clothes, especially jeans! The knees usually wear out, and becuase they're only 14 months apart... sometimes they miss "the right" size for the right season.

Great thinking to plan ahead... I do that too- but you definitely got better deals than I usually do!

Wanna shop for me?

Hillary Dickman said...

I love the new look of your blog! Where did you get it?

Maybe I should let you go shopping for my girls. I suck at it and really would be happy if I never had to enter the Chapel Hills Mall again.

3boys247 said...


A trip to the girls department? My dream come true. Just understand, everything with be sickingly pink and frilly with matching jackets, shoes and a hand muffler.

Karen said...

SO sweet! What a great deal!!! I avoid Macy's at all cost for the same reasons as you listed... but with deals like that maybe I should venture in...