Sunday, March 2, 2008

New curtains....FINALLY

On Saturday my annoyance with my sewing machine (and the Hancock Fabrics lady) was lessened by my increasing annoyance with not having curtains.

I fell in love with the fabric, but it was only available sheer. The Hancock Fabrics lady told me I could do lined curtains, she even told me how she would do it....My gut said no, you can't do that. But, I loved the fabric and decided to give it a try.

I started this curtain project about 2 months ago, that means for 1/6 of the year I have not had curtains. I cut them all out and got started. I messed up the first one by attaching the liner to the bottom, they hung funny. AARRGHHH. I didn't like the way the next two came out either.. I called Hillary, she came over for whine and wine.

I had one set hanging in the living room (I needed two there), several empty curtain rods in the rest of the house, but also the old curtains on a few windows. I threw the new fabric in the top of the closet and we have lived like that for the last two months.

I finally could not deal with it anymore. I had tried shopping for curtains, but I love, love, love the fabric I bought. I tried again. The boys were out with scouts and friends so I could concentrate. The entire day was spent making 6 more curtains. They turned out pretty good, not perfect. But they look a lot better than the no curtain look we had going.

My bright idea of the day was when I ran out of white liner, remember the set I messed up two months ago? I stepped over the race car bed in the living room (it is listed on craigslist, I really thought it woud sell by now and get out of my living room) and saw the cream crib sheet I planned to give away. I cut out the elastic and used it as the liner for the last set of curtains.

I also cut the messed up set in half and made two pillows. I was out of fiberfill so I cut open a toss pillow from the old color scheme and used that filling. Yippee for me.

I celebrated my success with some Pinot Noir, thanks Hancock Fabrics lady for making me challenge myself. I hope I do not have to make curtains again for a while.

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