Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Ungrateful Goose

Notice the goose shadow in front of him, the goose is on this right.

A beautiful day at the park was turned into a sequel of Hitchcock's The Birds," our day "The Geese." We packed up the new bike Hayden got for Christmas, stopped a the Wonder outlet for day old bread and headed to the park. He was laughing with delight feeding the ducks. He would throw them a whole piece of bread and watch them devour it. He would rip off small pieces and toss it into the crowd. The impatient, ungrateful goose (not much shorter than Hayden) snuck up next to him and BIT HIS THUMB in an attempt to get the bread from his hand.

After a diversion to the playground Uncle Alan, Aunt Susie and Xander joined us at the park. Uncle Alan stood guard while Hayden finished feeding the ducks.

I almost had the camera set to video, then I would have had the whole incident on tape. Besides being potentially tramatic for Hayden, it was pretty funny.

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