Sunday, February 24, 2008

It was a beautiful day to drag my kids up a mountain.

It was a gorgeous day in the 50's today and I am itching for Spring. So we decided to have our first hike of the season. The boys and I try to do little hikes on Sundays when Ben is working. So today we decided to try Blodgett. Griffin packed 2 bottles of water and 6 snack / granola bars. Carter packed 2 bottles of water and 22 snack bars. I got to try out my new camelbak, thanks Dad.

The boys enjoyed stopping to snack and look at the beautiful surroundings. Carter's experiences at School in the Woods proved helpful with tracking animal scat and describing the plants. We did not make it quite to the top. Actually since we have never been to the top before we do not know how far away we were. If you have done this hike, we got to the big log that lays across the path. Were we close?

There was still snow on the trail. It was very helpful to us finding the way back. Do you know that I have no sense of direction? We ended up on a different trail on the way back and had to trek down Woodmen Road for a mile to get back to the car. I am just happy we made it back and didn't have to eat Carter's 22 snack bars to stay alive.

Next time we plan to go with an experienced Blodgett hiker. Anyone want to go? We'll pack the snack bars.


Scott Dickman said...

If you got to the part where the big trail gets skinny and a log lays across the path, you were not close to the top. The top third of the hike is really nasty and not climbable with little kids, though.

3boys247 said...

Wow, I think I might delete Scott's comment and just imagine we were right around the corner from the summit. Just kidding, Thanks Scott.