Friday, July 10, 2009

What are you going to do when all three are in school?

I have been asked that a lot lately.

I would love to go to the gym everyday and be a MILF by Halloween... ok, maybe by Thanksgiving.

Sometimes I think I should get a j..o..b.. (I only spell that word, never say it out loud.

Perhaps I can go back to school and get a teaching license.

So many choices.

I did order my college transcripts just in case.

Here are a few of my favorite classes from my well rounded education:

Introduction to Photography
General Astronomy
Intro to Theatre
Photo Collage
The American West
Geology of National Parks
World of Wines and Vines (wine tasting class)

Here is a list of obsolete classes:

Intro to Library Research (Fall 1987)
Computer Literacy (Fall 1987)
Intro to Microcomputers (Spring 1988)
Women in Politics (Fall 1991)

Luckily the minimum GPA requirement for the teaching program is 2.75.
I made by .007. Phew...

Maybe I could just keep our house clean and the kids out of trouble.

What will you do when your youngest heads off to kindergarten?


MeKimka said...

Hi Laura- I have already faced this demon last year. It is a strange place to be in. Part of me wonders why should I be home all day, the other part knows why when I can be there for every dinner, playdate, activity while they are still a big part of my daughter's life. It's even harder for me know that both my parents are retired (as of last month) and they're hanging around in my "stay at home mom" space. As long as you are not suffering financially, you are doing a 24 hour job that no one can do better then you. So get ready for the boredom shock, but that's when that wine tasting degree comes in handy. Love ya!

Susi said...

I have no idea! Hopefully I'll figure out / get the feeling of my dream-career in the next 3 years so I can begin to focus on it then. For now, my kids need me :). (They'll still need us, they just won't be around as much during the day...)

Susi said...

hmm, obviously not blogging! :)

Bejewell said...

Now I know what my problem is. I never should have said the dreaded "J" word out loud.

Why didn't someone warn me?

sanjeet said...

they just won't be around as much during the day...)

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tiger said...